‘Fiems’ and ‘le Sire’ families

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Our objective is to constitute the collective memory of our families and to share it. We search for all information can make evolve so much this data base in Belgium, that abroad. We thank you for all collaboration.

Jean-Louis Fiems & Jeannine Lessire.                                  Français




Généalogy of families :

Projects in progress


"le Sire"


Fiems 1 family

le Sire 0 family

Favorite list

Fiems 2 family

le Sire I family


Fiems 3 family

le Sire II family àUS


Fiems 4 family àUS

le Sire III family àUS


Fiems 5 family

le Sire IV family


Fiems 6 family àUS

le Sire V family


Fiennes family

le Sire VI family

Adresses :

Detillieux family

le Sire VII family


Duvivier family

Sire families


Gailliez family

le Sire in France


Heureux family

Clement family

52, rue Célestin Hastir

Smal family

Origin of the 'le Sire'

5150 Floreffe . Belgium

Family histories

Vieira de Araújo

Tél. :  003281445836

Feems family àUS


 Before June 17, 1796

Parochial table

Parochial table

After June 17, 1796

Table of state-civil

Table of state-civil

*  in preparation

List of addresses

List of addresses




Last revision : January 30, 2017.

Unattached list

Unattached list


We search for the dates of birth and/or the name of related for people being leaves of these lists. Can you help us?

Commentaries and suggestions

Our research limit themselves to patronymics: Clément, Detillieux, Duvivier, Fiems, Fieus, Fiennes, Gailliez, Heureux, le Sire, Lesire, Lessire, Lecire, and Smal. If you have questions to put on a person or his ascendants, please give his date of birth of it and, so possible, in return for other information.



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