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The origin of the Fiems "patronymic" is unknown!

It can happen that it is a distortion of "Fiennes" seen that spelling has been respected not always. If it is the case, Fiennes comes from the name of domain wooded in Boulogne's in France, to the south of Guînes, between Calais and Boulogne on Sea.

The region was dangerous; it lived wolves there and could hide himself of it of brigands. Toward 1049 Eustache of Louvain, Count of Boulogne, made there construct a castle to insure there his power. He confided the care of it to his family's member. Little by little a village constituted itself and taken the name of the place. It is toward 1600 that the castle became the property of the family of Fiennes.

Fiennes was one of the four châtellerieses of Boulogne's. His Lords were the more powerful and most famous of the country after counts of Guînes and Boulogne. They carried the name of the village and their weapons were money to the armed sand lion and "lampassé" of mouths.

The surface is 1.164 hectares and the present population is 821 inhabitants.


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