The captain Julien François Lesire


Julien François le Sire was born to Messac, at the time district of "Bain", department of the "Isle-et-Vilaine" (France), January 13, 1770. He was son Pierre's le Sire and Jeanne Aulnette. He was not me even possible to know them he had brothers. He had has sister, Angelique Perrine, been born Messac to, September 5, 1772 and died there October 23, 1808. She had married February 17, 1801, to Messac, Joseph Lemoine, been born July 28, 1779 to Louhéac. September 15, 1792, Julien François was enrolled in the 15th national volunteer battalion. He was formed on the room of the castle of Compiègne and he got his captain's patent to the imperial armies (5th regiment of the 2nd legion of the north). Here is an excerpt of the formation minute:

"Ce jourd' hui 15 septembre 1792, l' an 1er de la République Française, NOUS, Commisaire des Guerres susdit attestons que le citoyen Julien le Sire, âgé de 22 ans, originaire de Messac, département de l' Isle et Vilaine, a été compris dans le susdit Procès-Verbal de formation en qualité de capitaine de la troisiéme Compagnie. En foi de quoi Nous lui avons délivré le présent Extrait du Procès-Verbal, en vertu de l' article XVII de la seconde section de la Loi du 3 février 1792, POUR LUI TENIR LIEU DE BREVET"

His states of service were brilliant, he participated in many batailles. One finds it notably Belgium in, Templeuve to closed Tournai to, one channel of Louvain to Malines to seat Nimègue of (Netherlands) in "brumaire" year 3, haggard well ace to fights of 22, 24 and 25 "ventose" year 7 in "Grisons" them where he was made prisoner. Restored in armies in "fructidor" of the same year, he is signalled to the passage of the Rhine, in Swabia, to the passage of the Danube and well of other battles up to day where he was put on leave toward the year 9 (1801), probably in Belgium.


IT is at this time, December 30, 1802 (9 "nivose" XI year) that he married has limburgers, Theresa Aloyse Vandermeer, civilly. This one, been born Broekom to closed Borgloon to (Looz-La-Ville), September 20, 1778, exit of has considerable family. She was the girl of Philippe Jacques Vandermeer and Louise Van Brink of which the father, the baron Van Brinck, godfather of Thérèse Aloyse was imperial commissioner to Gratz. Theresa Aloyse married, October 28, 1800, Pierre Robert de Bellefroid, limburgers, that died at 23 years, September 15, 1801. It is therefore a young widow that Julien François Lesire married. At the time of his civil marriage, it is mentioned staying to Liege, where he was "a trader". It was only later eight months, July 28, 1803 that Julien François and Thérèse Aloyse appeared before tea vicar Broekom of:

                        "Die 28e Julii 1803 contaxerunt coram me .... Julianus Franciscus capitaneus

                        Lesir gallorum et dona Thérésa Aloyse van der Meer,  vidua Petri Roberti de

                        Bellefroid cum dispensatione in tribus banis testibus ..... "

Are descended of these marriage two children: Charles Julien Philippe been born Liege to June 10, 1804, and Antoinette Catherine been born to Liege October 14, 1805.


October 2, 1805, of tea colonel's same office ordering Henin de Cuvelliers, head of state Regimental adjutant of tea 24th militaries division to general district Brussels of, he writes has supplication addressed to " His Excellence Mr. the Marshal of the Empire Berthier, Minister of the War " asking for his reinstatement in the army:

"The war appears unavoidable, my age and my weak means be able to again make count me among the brave that are going to fight for the defense of the French empire and if I am happy enough so that Your Excellence condescends to welcome my demand and to make be worth it by His/her/its Majesty the Emperor, I dare to hope that, by my goodwill and my activity I will justify the confidence of which it will have pleased to honour me. Since 1792 I made the war constantly and was, particularly during the last country, on the theater of the one present. I know geography fairly and the German language and I could be used usefully in Headquarters".

Unfortunately, this country was him fatal since it found the death, hardly three years later, in Poland, to the hospital of Kalisch, duchy of Warsaw, in June 1808. Here is a copy of his wife's letter asking for his news:

                                                                                       Liege, December 27, 1808.

                Tea wife Julien François Lesire, here before captain to tea 36th of lines, captain reformed...

                        To His Excellence Eminence the Minister Director of the administration of the War.


I Take Liberty tea to Write You Prayed for you to Given make me My of husband's news that since nine months me I don't haggard more of Entered news hey Captain like in tea 1st Legion of North tea under orders of his altesse Tea Prince Colonel Vaderwille. Himself he is changed of body or himself he died I Ask you to rather Give me opinion of it The possible. Eminence made me Grace to make me Give possible answer The rather. Receive, Eminence, The very distinguished feelings with Lacquer her I have the honour to Be Your devoted Maid.

                                                                                       The Lesire wife.


In fact, the captain Julien François Lesire cannot be the direct ancestor of some of the "Lesire's" living currently in France since his children been born and deceased in Belgium. His son, Charles Julien Philippe remained bachelor, passed his existence to Cork, suburb Saint Walburge, where he managed has bridge to public weigh. Hey died November 17, 1840, whereas he was only 36 years old. As for her girl she had a strange enough destiny. June 10 1831 died Thérèse Aloyses to tea aged of 52 years and we see, five years later, her showgirl Antoinette Catherine to marry Jean Martin de Bellefroid, tea brother cadet of her mother's first husband, aged of 52 years; the bride had 31 of them. This household had two children a son, and a girl Sophie de Bellefroid that married in 1860 the Neven notary, of which there is a progeny again in life.


However, it is not excluded at all that Julien François or his father, Pierre le Sire has brothers: it is that that it would be necessary to verify to Messac. He will have had the big merit of me to have made discover the French Lesire's, and I think that it exists among them of descendants of the core of the first Lesire's, in Belgium, of Rebecq or Nivelles, to see those of Fleurus, Namur and Malonne...


        According to notes of Jean Lesire of Glons (B) in 1990.


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