The "Lesire's" of Fleurus.


It is to Fleurus, big Township of the Hainaut that is located between Charleroi and Gembloux that lived my forebears in direct line. Among this family dominates Martin's face (1691-1758). His grandfather, Guillaume, was the first known Lesire to Fleurus. From where did he come? In the present state of my research it is again a mystery. It seems nearly to me certain that he was the lineage of Nivelles (Belgium) but he remains to determine to what branch one can connect it. It would be highly interesting to know if he appeared to Fleurus coming directly of Nivelles or via France.


It is necessary, indeed, to know that Fleurus possesses a sad renown: the one to have been the theater of four battles and several French occupations! It is only one of hypotheses. What one knows with certainty of Nicolas Lesire, it is that, since 1699 he was alderman and burgomaster of Fleurus and with Anne the Shepherd, he had at least four sons and a girl. I am unaware of that that became her girl and three of his sons, but nothing opposes to what they left in France.


Nicolas' son, Martin Lesire, marked of his print the history of Fleurus. He was brewer and master of the profession. To this subject, him good to know that, close to two centuries before, to Nivelles, children Pierre's le Sire were owners of the brewery of the "Agasse". Besides, Martin Lesire was lieutenant-mayor of Fleurus as mentions it the epitaph that represents on his funeral flagstone in the church of Fleurus. One preserved the text of his lieutenant-mayor commission brought to the transplants the judicial court of the city of Fleurus:

"Nous Nicolas Albert d' Hinslin, Ecuyer, Seigneur de Flawinnes, mayeur de Fleurus de bailly de Vieuville, connaissant la preud' hommie de Martin Le Sir, bourgeois résidant au dit Fleurus, déclarons de l' établir comme nous l' établissons par cette notre Lieutenant-Mayeur du dit Fleurus avec les droits émoluments et prérogatives ordinaires.

                            Fait à Namur, le 23 février 1741."

        Martin Lesire had ten children. The sixth, Jacques François, continues the lineage.

        As for his sons Nicolas and Emmanuel they got married and had children.


The big mystery of the "Lesire" of Fleurus resides on the fact that one doesn't know what they occurred, put aside my ancestor Jacques François and some girls. The last mention to the Civil State is the one of the death of Jeanne Victory Polixène, March 28, 1821, in the domestic house of the Lesire's. There is a trace again of Anselme Nicolas François Lesire that practises the business "manager profession, March 19, 1808. It is on occasion the declaration of the death of his maternal uncle, Jean-Baptiste Degreve, canon in Brussels of Saint-Gudule, deceased at the age of 80 years "in the house of the aforesaid Lesire on the big market to the aforesaid Fleurus".


Until now, research in good number of neighbouring localities remained vain. Whatever he of it is, following the cadastral information, the properties of Lesire's, very importing and of very ventral situation were scattered and sold in the first half of XIXth century. Currently, it is ten buildings that are built on parcels that belonged to them.


        According to notes of Jean Lesire of Glons in 1990.


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