Archie  &  Anna Marie

Archie was born on 18 January 1918, East Moline, IL, to parents Camiel and Elizabeth (Tuytens) Fiems. Anna Marie was born on 4 September 1918, Coal Valley, IL, to parents Elroy and Clella (Walker) Van Hoek. Anna Marie and Archie knew each other from high school since they hung around in the same circles. But they didn't get to know each other till he met her working as a life guard at Riverside Pool. Archie had graduated from Moline High School in 1936. Anna Marie quit school during her senior year (1937), and had dark brown eyes, brown hair; was 5'4 and weighed 98 lbs. She was quiet, shy and soft spoken. People told me she was very attractive and never lacked for beaus. In fact, one story has it that Archie and another boy had a fist over her one night (Archie won)! Archie was good looking, popular and an outstanding athlete. He stood 5'10" with blue eyes and brown hair. He was a natural athlete and played basketball, track and football. He was friendly, outgoing and quick tempered. They were married on 28 January 1938 at Calvary Lutheran Church, Moline, IL in a big church wedding. He was 20 years old and she was 19 years old. Anna Marie and Archie had four sons. Daniel 1938, John 1941, David 1943, Stephen 1945. The next few years Archie worked at several different jobs. At the time of their marriage he worked for Moline Tool Company. Then he worked for Rock Island Arsenal making gun barrels. Then the family moved to Oklahoma for a while where he worked for Boeing Aircraft. Eventually they returned to Moline where he tended bar for his dad at the Wooden Shoe Tavern. In April 1944 he was inducted into the Navy and stationed at the Great Lakes for training. Later he was sent overseas to serve on a ship until he was discharged in 1946. In the meantime, Anna Marie and the boys went to live with her mother Clella Brown. When Archie returned he and his family settled in Spring brook Courts for a period of time. But the marriage wasn't working and they separated shortly thereafter and were divorced. Although Anna Marie got custody of the boys she couldn't support them. They were placed in the Andover Home temporarily until she could afford to bring them home with her. A couple years after Archie married Lois, they were able to get custody of three boys (Dan, Dave, John). Steve was only four years old and remained with Anna Marie. Eventually Anna Marie married Clifford Dudley and the two of them raised Stephen. The boys kept in touch with their mother through the years and visited her often. But Lois raised all three boys and became their mother. Archie was diagnosed diabetic while in his thirties. He had a heart attack in 1966. In 1974 he underwent by-pass heart surgery from which he never recovered and died on February 18th. He was 56 years old. Anna Marie suffered from ill health in her later years. She had been hospitalized for bleeding ulcers, a broken hip and a concussion (as a result of a mugging on 11th street Rock Island). She also became diabetic in her late fifties. She died of pneumonia on 7 March 1984. She was 65 Years old.


Franck  &  Betty

Francis F. Fiems was born on 29 December 1919, East Moline, IL to Camiel & Elizabeth (Tuytens) Fiems. Elizabeth (Puscas) Fiems was born on 24 August 1922, Davenport, IA to Zachary & Minerva (Chandi) Fiems. No one knows how they met. I am assuming that Franck attended Moline High School and that Betty attended Rock Island High School since she lived in Rock Island. They were married at St. Josephs Catholic Church, Rock Island, IL on 25 July 1942. He was 23 years old and she 20 years old. Franck started out working as an Agent for Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance while Betty worked as an office secretary for Container Corporation. Later he became a car salesman working for Burger Motors at first and later owning his car sales on 48th street and 4th avenue in Moline. After they had been married ten years they adopted two children: Michael born in 1952 and Nancy born in 1956. In 1957 they moved to Arizona where he went into the real estate business and established Franck Fiems Realty. Betty worked as an Accountant at El Dorado Country Club for many years until she retired. Franck died in his sleep at home on 16 April 1998. He was 78 years old. Betty died shortly after on 21 December 1998, she was 76 years old.


Franck  &  Ruth

How did they meet? Franck moved into their neighborhood! He worked for a company which traveled around a lot building fences. Her neighbor told her there was a "cute" guy rooming across the street. Ruth was only 15 years old at the time. Franck was an "older" man. He was 21 years old! But this did not bother them and they were married when Ruth was 18 years old! They got married in the Sacred Heart Church Rectory on 3 November 1943. It was policy in those days that ceremonies for non Catholics would be performed in the rectory. Later on, Ruth became a Catholic.


Bill  &  Ruth

Bill was a regular customer at Franck & Ruth's bar in Vegas. When Franck went on vacation to Missouri in 1978 (the year he drowned) he asked Bill to help Ruth with the bar while he was gone. Then they lost track of each other. One day, years later, Ruth went to 5:00 pm Mass (she hardly ever went to 5 pm Mass). Bill was one of the fellows to take up the collections baskets. He had seen her come in and made sure he came down the aisle where she was sitting. He smiled at her and said hello as he handed her the basket. A week later, he called and told her "if I am ever going to get any sleep again, I had to call you". They were married on 18 May 1989 at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church in downtown Las Vegas, NV.                                            Preceding page                    Home Page